The Philosophy of Soap Making

The Soap Box, or, The Philosophy of Soap Making: The World is Alive with Meaning

Soapmaking is alchemy.

Alchemy is about relationship.

As we encounter the alchemy of soapmaking we come to remember that every part of the world is the result of alchemical events that took place over billions of years.

As we make something we also create a relationship: relationship gives meaning to the things.

We are connected with the Sacred Whole as we create.

This fosters and strengthens all our relationships and heightens our appreciation of our place in the Whole, both as a Part of a Larger System, and as a Whole made up of Many Parts.

Soapmaking allows us to create, connect, relate and gently re-enchant the world.

Remember: the same Creative Urge that ignites galaxies and sprouts seeds is in you, too.