Cosmic Egg

$3 each. The size of a chicken egg. Beautiful muted colors. ~2.3 oz. I am so very pleased at how these turned out. They feel great in the hand and smell divine – of course!

Here is the story that comes with each egg.

The Cosmic Egg

The Cosmic Egg or world egg is a motif found in the creation myths of many cultures and civilizations.

The earliest ideas of an egg-shaped cosmos can be found in Sanskrit scriptures which refer to the universe as a golden fetus or golden womb.

The Cosmic Egg denotes the moment of beginning when the Universe or a Primordial Being comes into existence. The Egg is often laid on the primordial waters of Earth. When the egg hatches one half becomes the heavens, the other half becomes the earth.

Today’s Cosmic Egg denotes a new beginning, when environmental consciousness is helping us humans to begin The Great Work – the necessary complete restructuring of our civilization within the healthy limits of the natural environment. The old ways disappear as our new consciousness draws forth a new world, one that is complex, nuanced, and respectful of The Great Web of Life, a single, healthy Earth Community. Ver.2, 7/2012