How to Cut Logs of Soap

  • No special knife is needed to cut the soap, though one with a thin spine is best. I use a large kitchen chopping knife.
  • Artha Soap logs cut similarly to a hard cheese. 🙂
  • Press firmly and evenly, with a nice steady push.
  • Sometimes a wee bit of rocking may help get the knife through the last half inch of soap. Sometimes the soap may crack here.
  • Please cut it into its final size and shape as soon as possible.
  • Once cut do not store it in plastic.
  • Soap must always be kept in a material that is breathable – paper, fabric, or wood, for example – since the water with which it was made will very slowly evaporate from it for the whole of its life. This evaporation is one reason why soap is so beautifully hard and long-lasting. Soap likes to dry out.
  • Of course, you could also leave your soap unwrapped. Some people stash it in their clothes dressers and closets to enjoy the scent.
  • Please never store soap in rooms that are moist such as bathrooms, steam rooms, or outdoor porches that are vulnerable to the moisture of the weather.