Class Testimonials

"Dear Allysyn:

I wanted to express my gratitude and joy that you exposed "M" and I to the world of soapmaking. When he suggested learning more about the craft and possibly starting a business, I though it would be a creative outlet for him. I realize after your incredible class that the process is as creative as my ceramics that I've done for 30 years. I believe with your passion for the process and guidance, we someday may find our own process that works for us. Thank you again for the best 6 hours I've ever spent. You could charge twice what the class cost and it would be worth every penny. I will take the class again and encourage others so that they may experience the wonder and the joy in creating healthy, natural soaps.
Be well. GC,
Oakland, California
April 20, 2004


"Hi Allysyn,

Thanks again for the wonderful workshop. You made the process seem easy (even though I know it's not), and now I'm eager to see my finished soap, buy books, and experiment when I get the rest of the materials.

As time goes on, I may end up with more questions. I'll try not to bug you too much and do my own research. But do you mind if I ask you on occasion if I get stuck? I'd love to come back sometime and do more!
Half Moon Bay,California
April 22, 2004"