Katherine getting the scent just right. PICT0097

Basic Soapmaking Class
In this hands-on, fully engaged class you make five pounds of vegetarian soap from scratch (not glycerine soap) using the traditional cold process method and a special “zipper” recipe of coconut and California Olive Oil. This simple, but specially developed recipe is easily adaptable to your family’s needs back at home. We have a treasure trove of tools, molds, toys, herbs, flowers, gramins, flours, books, and others’ soap samples to inspire your creativity and thus customize your work. Three batches of soap from the same class. Differentiation at work! PICT0052



Goddess Soap Molding
Using the same recipe and process as the Basic class we pour the soap into a mold of the Venus of Willendorf, a 25,000-year-old goddess figure. You will make 10 goddesses, just over two pounds of soap.

Urban Pioneer Soapmaking
This is really how it used to be done in pioneer days. Don’t throw it away – save your cooking fats and oils and turn them into something useful! More of an art than a science, we always end up with a pleasant surprise!

Suzanne's beautiful batch of soap. DSCF1167

All Classes include…
A discussion of chemistry, safety, recipe adaptations, french milling and glycerin soap, fillers, super-fatting, decorating, packaging and presentation, as well as ecological and bioregional issues of small scale, local production for community health and vitality.

At the end of a successful class! PICT0044

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