In the Studio

Suited up to pour the alkali (sodium hydroxide) into rainwater.

The sacred soap making pots. The tools of the trade must always be revered. They allow craftswomen to do what we do.

Each pot contains a batch of soap. My small batches allow a high attention to detail, helping to guarantee a high quality soap.


Freshly poured soap has the consistency of apple sauce.

A closer view.

A little closer –  you can see the “tracing” on the surface of the just-poured soap.

Soap just poured into molds in the rolling rack.

Cinnamon Venus soaps just out of the mold.

Soap out of the molds and in the drying rack.



Gold, Frankincese and Myrrh soap sets getting finishing touches just before shipping.




Stirring and pouring soap in my old basement studio.