Why hemp soap?

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  •  Hemp seed oil is the product of pressing the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant. Hemp Seed Oil images
  • The healthy, non-narcotic oil constitutes 30-40% of the seed.
  • 81% of this oil is poly-unsaturated essential fatty acid, abbreviated as EFA.
  •  EFAs are molecularly small, thus absorbable by the skin (transdermal). They replenish the skin’s natural oil that is damaged by sun (ultraviolet light) and air (oxygen).EFA Molecule images



  •  Glycerine, a natural by-product of soapmaking, is left in the soap. It acts as a humectant to hydrate the skin.
  • Our soaps are scented with botanical oils known as essential oils, straight from plants, never synthetic fragrances.
  • All the soap’s colors are derived from renewable plant sources, never non-renewable mineral or petroleum derived pigments.MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA




  • Organic hemp seed oil, along with coconut oil, California olive oil, California rainwater, and essential oils make this soap a rich, luxurious, cruelty-free, 100% vegan, organic-whenever-possible healthy soap!
  • And this product demonstrates hemp’s versatility.

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