Care of Handmade Soap

  • Always store soap in breathable packaging, like paper, cloth, or wood.
  • Artha Soap will “french mill” itself, hardening and significantly extending its life, if allowed to dry between uses.
  • Don’t leave it in a mushy soap dish. Soap is not a fern (not a fern) – it does not like to be in a humid atmosphere.
  • Press a plastic bottle cap into the soap as a foot to place the soap on, to help keep it dry.
  • Soap hardens as it ages. Cut bulk logs into bars sooner rather than later using a straight-edged, thin-backed knife. If you cut it later (after a few months) it is likely to flake a bit upon cutting – which of course does not change the soap, only the aesthetics of the first few uses of your newly cut bar.
  • Natural, handmade products have an exciting variability that changes with each year, like wine. I hope you enjoy the subtle variety that Earth provides for Artha Soaps year after year.